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Michelle Villalobos

MICHELLE VILLALOBOS has developed 13 programs that have collectively been delivered – either

virtually or in person – to over 150,000 people worldwide. She helps professionals – both corporate

and entrepreneur – develop their business and communications skills to increase career

opportunities, leads, promotions and job offers.


The Miami Herald named Michelle one of Miami’s “Top 20 Under 40” in 2011, and in 2013, she won The

Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge for co-founding the Personal Branding Self-Study Program,

Make Them BEG. The media regularly bring Michelle in to give advice about how anyone – especially

women – can brand themselves to get ahead in business. In January 2014, Michelle was named #5

on Evan Carmichael's “Top 100 Small Business Experts to Follow on Twitter.” (See media here.)

Michelle authored Chapter 13 in Dr. Ivan Misner’s (“The Father Of Networking” according to CNN),

bestselling business book: Building The Ultimate Network. Michelle’s chapter was titled “From

Nobody To Somebody: How To Build A Personal Brand Online.”


Michelle also founded Miami’s largest business conference for entrepreneurial women, the “Women’s

Success Summit,” which draws over 500 attendees, speakers and sponsors over 2 days.

Her client roster features names you’ll recognize: American Express, Burger King, Gibraltar Private

Bank & Trust, and Lexis-Nexis have all hired Michelle to speak or train, while Summit sponsors have

included Constant Contact, LivingSocial, Brooks Brothers and Blue Cross Blue Shield, among others.

Michelle has also facilitated strategic and creative brainstorming (or, rather, “insighting”) sessions at

the C-Suite level for Frito-Lay, Inktel Direct and Audi Latin America.


In addition to creating and delivering workshops, seminars and keynotes on the topic of Personal

Branding, Michelle is qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI) by

CPP, Inc., the publisher of the test, and was trained by one of the foremost experts in the field, Dr.

Charles R. Martin, who has authored and co-authored several of the most respected and widely

used manuals in the field, (Michelle is an ENFP, by the way.) She also uses a variety of other

assessment tools, including Wealth Dynamics, Strengths Finder, The Fascination Test, DISC, and more.

What makes Michelle’s programs unique is the variety of skills, talents and knowledge bases she

combines in her methodology, which all tie back to one core belief: when people are engaged and

having fun, they learn better and are more likely to retain the learning. When changing beliefs and

behaviors or developing skills, lecturing is simply not as effective as active learning – active learning

yields those “a-ha! moments” that groups crave and remember.


Michelle’s speaking style is casual and interactive, and she regularly busts out a rainbow assortment

of Sharpies to illustrate points using everyday, attendee-appropriate examples.

She has studied everything from comedy sketch writing and improv theater to Advanced

Accounting and Statistical Regression Analysis (yes she’s a bit of a geek).


Michelle holds an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College in Psychology Modified (with

Mathematics), and an MBA in International Business from The University Of Miami. She is also a

member of the National Speakers Association, the premier US organization for professional speakers,

committed to advancing the skills, integrity and value of the speaking profession.

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